Thai Chili Sriracha - Chutney Style

Chutney in a bottle! With our Thai Chili Sriracha, each drop morphs your tastebuds into a melting pot of sizzling hot, garlicky, and tangy flavors.

This non-GMO, all-natural condiment has zero added fillers, chemicals, and processed sugar.

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Fresh Whole Ingredients

If this was the movie credits, then all we worked with is a cast (of flavors!) No extras. Each ingredient is sourced with hand-picked attentiveness. This non-GMO, all-natural condiment comes with zero added fillers, chemicals, and processed sugar.


Whole Ingredients

Chutney In A Bottle

When it comes to its wide array of unique South Asian flavors, this drizzle-over-everything hot sauce will bring much more to your dining than heat. It’s stacked with the right fix of flavors to drum up a tangy, garlicky, and savory mouthfeel.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We’ve re-imagined culinary solutions to include minimally processed ingredients that are closest as possible to the source, with none of that stuff you can’t pronounce. Wholesome in every sense—delicious, convenient, and nourishing.


filtered water, distilled vinegar, shallots, cilantro, coconut sugar, lime juice, lemongrass, coconut, thai green peppers, salt, garlic, galangal root, white pepper, coriander

Contains Allergens: Coconut (tree nuts)


5oz (148ml)


Non-Gmo, Vegan, Kosher, Halal

Our Sauce Is Different

Smooth-tasting hot sauce flavor profile that benefits from the integrity of the ingredients. So natural, some argue it’s a natural replacement for fresh chilies. Well, it comes pretty close — but tangy and tastier.

Try It On All Savory Foods

This sauce will enhance the flavor of any savoy dish you are eating. It will add a tangy, sweet and spicy taste to it.

Crafted By Shihan Chowdhury

Shihan is a self-taught home cook with a love for experimenting with flavors and ingredients. His particular interest lies in creating innovative and flavorful recipes. As a lover of spicy food, Shihan enjoys incorporating heat into his dishes, adding an extra kick to each bite.

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