Thai Chili Honey - Spicy

Sweet-flavored deliciousness, straight from the nectars of naturally farmed clover fields. You can expect that sweet syrupy taste + spicy kick that coats your tastebuds with a satisfying burn at the end.

WARNING: This is considered to be really spicy. Please get the Mild version if you can't handle general spicy foods.

1,200,000 Scoville units
  • Pure & Unfiltered
  • Locally Sourced In Illinois
  • From Monofloral Bees
  • High Quality Peppers
  • 1 lbs of Honey
Scoville units
Choose Spice Level
  • Mild
  • Spicy
  • Both
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Traceable from Hive to Home

Pure honey, straight from the hives of local beekeepers. Raw liquid gold that shares an umbilical cord with the blooming flowers our hard-working bees pollinate. Silky, sweet, and swooned with warmth, each spoonful is a storied realization of the Sora promise.


Pure & Unfiltered Ingredients

Spicy, but Flavorful

Chiliheads, look no further. We’ve brought out the big guns à la scorpion pepper for a fiery kick that packs your dish with extra heat without knocking off the flavor.

Create Next Level Dishes

Highest Quality Ingredients

We’ve re-imagined culinary solutions to include minimally processed ingredients that are closest as possible to the source, with none of that stuff you can’t pronounce. Wholesome in every sense—delicious, convenient, and nourishing.


honey, scorpion pepper, vinegar, salt, thai chili pepper powder


16oz (454g)

Flower Type


We Support Local Bee Keepers

We have our beekeepers and honeybees to thank for our delicious staple. SORA supports local farmers in Illinois to grow more flowers, reviving a dying bee population.

Hot Honey On Pizza

This is one of the best ways to enjoy our hot honey!

Crafted By Shihan Chowdhury

Shihan is a self-taught home cook with a love for experimenting with flavors and ingredients. His particular interest lies in creating innovative and flavorful recipes. As a lover of spicy food, Shihan enjoys incorporating heat into his dishes, adding an extra kick to each bite.

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