Whole Ingredients Flavorful Taste

β€œYou are what you eat.” 

This timeless wisdom, rooted in science, is at the core of Sora’s consumer-led movement for health-conscious eating.

SORA (pronounced /Sowra/) is our way of channeling food as a force for good. A brainchild of seasoned social media home-cook, Shihan Chowdhury, Sora Foods sets about making high-quality food that tastes just as great.

We Support Bee Keepers

As part of our commitment to only working with people who share certain social, environmental, and quality standards that benefit local communities and our planet, we fund local bee keepers in Illinois to grow bee-friendly flowers to revive the dying bee population.

Sora DNA

Whole Ingredients

We strive to use clean and minimal ingredients without artificial flavors, coloring, or fillers to improve your quality of life. For quality assurance, we’ve placed our sourcing model under rigorous scrutiny, making sure we use only the highest quality ingredient β€” in its original state and free from preservatives, chemicals, or GMOs.Β 

Integrity of Ingredients

We show the same commitment to preserving the integrity of ingredients to protect nutritional value and taste. Close monitoring and rolling out our products in small batches are some of the ways we oversee this crucial aspect of our supply chain.

Unique Blend of Flavors

Where strict quality control standards are in place to ensure each container is kept as minimally processed as possible, each container is a dispenser-load of flavors, catapulting you to a culinary climax that leaves you savoring the unbridled taste of your recipes.

Crafted By Shihan Chowdhury

Shihan is a self-taught home cook with a love for experimenting with flavors and ingredients. His particular interest lies in creating innovative and flavorful recipes. As a lover of spicy food, Shihan enjoys incorporating heat into his dishes, adding an extra kick to each bite.