Thai Chili Honey

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Thai Chili Sriracha - Chutney Style

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Whole Ingredients

Traceable from Hive to Home

Pure honey, straight from the hives of local beekeepers. Raw liquid gold that shares an umbilical cord with the blooming flowers our hard-working bees pollinate. Silky, sweet, and swooned with warmth, each spoonful is a storied realization of the Sora promise.

Whole Ingredients

If this was the movie credits, then all we worked with is a cast (of flavors!) No extras. Each ingredient is sourced with hand-picked attentiveness. This non-GMO, all-natural condiment comes with zero added fillers, chemicals & processed sugar.

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Put our flavor-filled range of healthier alternatives to work and tee your dish up for that good-to-great culinary magic to treat yourself to.

Crafted By Shihan Chowdhury

Shihan is a self-taught home cook with a love for experimenting with flavors and ingredients. His particular interest lies in creating innovative and flavorful recipes. As a lover of spicy food, Shihan enjoys incorporating heat into his dishes, adding an extra kick to each bite.